Attention to detail

Eterno company operates in the furniture manufacture for over 50 years designing furniture characterized by the high quality of the materials used, the perfect make and excellence in design. In our times of constant changes in everyone’s economic status financial instability and over all insecurity, Eterno is one of the few furniture manufacture companies witch persists in the power of creativity.

It stands up for the authentic values of the “handmade” and bases its philosophy on passion, care and love for its products. It recommends pieces witch stand out for their flawless finish being ideal for every room in the house. As manufactures we have always invested in the perennial value and high quality of the products and that is the reason for inspiring respect, trust and credibility in the furniture market. We are continually seeking for the development on the lines and forms or shapes in order to fully meet the demands of modern homes.


We keep up with the international market and are updated regarding designing trends at European level. The signature of the Eterno company is the benchmark of meticulous attention to detail when manufacturing modern and timeless beds, buffets, dining tables, wall units, dressing tables, cabinets, coffee tables as well as of the high standards aiming at your comfort.


Eterno’s furniture, all in modern and classical designs was created with special attention to detail in order to provide comfort and style in every room in your house.


The quality control in constant and necessary during every step of the production, starting from the raw material until the final product presentation.


We adore furniture. Securing excellent quality, unique style and infinite variety of designs and choices is what we always aim of. Every single piece of eterno’s furniture is the result of a big common effort, created with love and loyalty.



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